Never Surrender!

Hello and welcome to ‘Never Surrender’. We would like to tell you about what we do and why we do it, primarily we support and help veterans and homeless people who are struggling with day to day life, they may have lost their way, they could be living on the streets with no warmth comfort or food and/or they may be feeling like they are at the end of the road with life in general,. Our mission and overall aim is to reach out and find them, and to let them know that they are not on their own, we will do all we can to help keep them warm, give them food and shelter, and we will flag up charities and other support groups or organisations who are best equip to help them. At the moment we do what we do out of our own pockets and we look for no reward, to better fulfill our aim we may call upon people to help with donations of food, blankets and shelter or help in any other way that they can.

We are civilians and veterans here at NS, we are non political and we are not a charity, we just care and we want to help the men and women who have served this country and who have put themselves in harm’s way to keep us all safe. It is time that their service gets acknowledged and time that these men and women get the recognition, help, love, care and support that they so deserve. We will help all HM Forces veterans who are from the Army, The Navy or The Royal Air force as well as homeless civilians.

Currently we are also supporting Veterans in the fight for justice against the prosecutions of our NI veterans like soldiers A-Z. This we are doing by organising and attending support marches and rides with other veteran and biker groups.

Currently there are 6 soldiers facing trials for alleged offences  from over 40 years ago whilst carrying out their lawful duties, in all cases multiple investigations have cleared each soldier of any wrong doing and they were all told that was the end of it.

None of these trials are in front of a jury, all are what is known as Diplock trials held in front of just a Judge. there are no checks and balances.

Soldiers A to Z

David Holden, Grenadier Guards: For the killing of Aidan McAnespie

Soldier B: For the killing of Daniel Hegarty

Dennis Hutchings, Life Guards: For the attempted murder of John Pat Cunningham

Soldier A and Soldier C, Para Regt: For the killing of Joe McCann

Soldier F, Para Regt: For the killing of James Wray and William McKinney

Currently there are no impending prosecutions of former terrorists, a total of 156 IRA suspects enjoy total immunity as part of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement struck by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

3,532 people were killed and approx 47,500 were injured during the so called “Troubles”. Approximately 60% of the dead were killed by republicans (IRA etc), 30% by loyalists (UDA etc)  and 10% by British security forces.


What most people forget or do not know is that the British Army was sent into Northern Ireland to support the RUC in their policing duties and protect the predominantly innocent citizens of Northern Ireland. Ask any Soldier how much police training he had, the answer will be NONE. They had stop and search training, riot training, VCP training & contact training. They were not given any training on how to be a Copper! Soldiers do what they are trained to do… FIGHT… The only equipment they were supplied with to protect themselves and innocent members of the general public were battlefield weapons.